Some free music

Challies has three free tracks from Lashey and Joyner. They are reworking of some old hymns:

My Jesus I love thee

-And can it be

-Your grace and faithfulness

They have new tunes and the music is pretty relaxed (this ain’t no Mars Hill grunge!). Whilst I don’t think I’d play these tunes in church, I do find listening to them a real blessing as it makes me hear the words anew and hear aspects of the hymns I hadn’t thought about before. This is especially true with ‘And can it be‘.

You can download the three tracks here.

There is also a large amount (about 35) of other worship tracks for freeĀ here.


2 thoughts on “Some free music

  1. Cheers JT, always enjoy free stuff, especially accompanying chord charts.

    Isn’t it weird how everyone is doing My Jesus I Love Thee at the moment (among other hits we’ve also been bringing back recently).

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