Precious Remedies #5

One of the devices that Satan uses with great efficiency in the church today is described by Thomas Brooks thus:

By dividing them and causing them to ‘bite and devour one another.’

Brooks gives a dozen brilliant remedies:

1) it is better to dwell on the saints’ graces rather than on their weaknesses and infirmities

2) love and union best promote safety and security

3) God commands and requires the saints to love one another

4) it is better to eye the things in which saints agree rather than those things wherein they differ

5) God is the God of peace, Christ the Prince of peace, and the Spirit the Spirit of peace

6) it is needful for the saints to make more care and conscience of maintaining their peace with God

7) it is needful to dwell much upon the relationship and union of the people of God

8) discord is productive of miseries

9) it is good and honorable to be the first in seeking peace and reconcilement

10) saints should agree well together, making the Word the only touchstone and judge of their words and actions

11) saints should be much in self-judging

12) saints should labor to be clothed with humility
Here is a great quote….
Tell me, saints, is it not a more sweet, comfortable, and delightful thing to look more upon one another’s graces than upon one another’s infirmities? Tell me what pleasure, what delight, what comfort is there in looking upon the enemies, the wounds, the sores, the sickness, the diseases, the nakedness of our friends?

Tell me, saints, does not God look more upon his people’s graces than upon their weaknesses? Surely he does.

Ah! saints, that you would make it the top of your glory in this, to be like your heavenly Father! By so doing, much sin would be prevented, the designs of wicked men frustrated, Satan outwitted, many wounds healed, many sad hearts cheered, and God more abundantly honored.

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