200th Post: Stats

Well, this is my 200th post, so I thought I’d check out how the blog is going, what people read, and how people get here. I’ll be honest, the results are pretty humbling humiliating!

So, here are my stats…

Looking good

When you first look at the blog stats it looks ok:

Average views per day = 97

Highest viewing day = 276 (for joking that John Piper was coming to be my apprentice)

Looking beneath the blogs

But, when you see what people were reading, you see it ain’t all about people finding what they want.

Here are my 3 top posts:

1. Goldfish Communion

2. It’s Coming

3. Fairtrade Friday

Now, were people really interested in my article on communion? Am I really a Fairtrade guru?

Looking beneath the searches

You see, this is how most people get to my blog each day…through searches.

What do they search for?

Here are my top 3 search engine referrals:

1. Goldfish

2. Christmas gifts (this links to the ‘It’s coming’ blog at no.2 above)

3. Fairtrade

Bottom line, my most popular posts were people looking for something completely different than what I was writing about…gutting.

But funny.

So, the majority of people who come to this blog are here by mistake…and leave quickly.

But, when people arrive here and stay, this is what they look at:

1. Sermon downloads

2. About me

3. Book reviews

So, that’s not bad news. That’s rather encouraging.

Thanks for reading!

Yours, truly humbled,



2 thoughts on “200th Post: Stats

  1. I come here deliberately.
    I read your musings and listen to your sermons.
    & I told Thabiti & Troy about your blog too.

  2. Thanks Linda,
    At least I know one person wants to be here…even if I forget her birthday!

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