Getting ready for Sunday

As we finish the Gospel of John (21:18-23) I want to look at how Jesus prepares Peter for growing old and dying. Indeed, this stage of life has increased greatly over the past few centuries. We now call it retirement.

Interestingly, the New Testament has relatively little to say about retirement. The closest thing we have to retirement are the instructions for elderly widows in 1 Timothy 5 – where the warning is against living for pleasure, and Titus – where the warning is against wine and gossip. When it comes to early retirement (young widows) the instruction seems to be that they should get busy – rather than being busy bodies.

To get ready for Sunday, think through the following:

  • Is the modern concept of ‘retirement’ (30 years of pleasure and no responsibility) a godly model?
  • According to 1 Timothy 5; Titus 2 and 1¬†Thessalonian’s 3:

-What are the dangers of retirement?

-What are the opportunities of retirement?

See you Sunday!


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