Web Guide: Sermons

There are loads of sermons on line….loads! This is good, and this is bad. It is good because it means you can listen to some of the best Bible teachers in the world and be built up. It is bad because you can end up inviting a wolf into your house! So, for those of you who aren’t sue where to go, here is a small guide to some of the best sermons online…for free!

NOTE: This is not an exhaustive list, just some of my¬†favourites…and people I trust.

Obviously, the first place to go is to Church web sites. Here are some of the best both here and across the Pond:

Christ Church, Newport

All Souls, London

Mars Hill, Seattle

The Village, Texas

Then there are Christians conferences:

Next, for 20 somethings

Together for the Gospel, for leaders

The Aber Conference, for all

Finally, you can check out certain individuals and organisations:

The Proclamation Trust

Dai Hankey

Stuart Olyott

Tim Keller

The Gospel Coalition have the best search engine here, but sometimes you have to pay…


Go and have a listen…and remember, you can always look at ‘sermon downloads’ at the top of this page!


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