Web Guide: Resources

Today and tomorrow I want to give you a reliable guide to some of the best places to go on the internet to find content that refreshes the soul.

Ok, resources….

Online books

There are loads of books that are free online….

You can get old stuff at the Christian Classics library, such as John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s progress, and my treasured Olney Hymns.

You can get nearly all of John Pipers books for free here, including 50 reasons why Jesus came to die and Rethinking Retirement.

You can also get a free audio book at Christian Audio every month.

Online Bibles

There are loads of places to read the Bible online. These are my favourite 2 (for free):

Bible Gateway has all the main translations, is very easy to use with some good additional resources worth checking out. If you just want to find a verse, or read a passage, this is by far the best and easiest place to go.

Blue letter Bible is a really good resource, but a bit more difficult to use. Choose your verse, then you translation and you’ll then be offered a lot of extras like commentaries, concordance, dictionaries, and images. Free? Amazing!

Online songs

If you want to listen to some hymns and songs you can check these out:

Nearly every hymn can be read and music heard at the Cyber Hymnal.

For contemporary music you can search the brilliant Groove Shark which has Matt Redman and the Sovereign Grace back catalogue.

Online thoughts (Blogs)

Here is my top ten blogs….

  1. Justin Taylor at Between two Worlds
  2. Tim Challis at Challis.com
  3. Joshua Harris
  4. Kevin DeYoung at young, restless and reformed
  5. Sammy Davies at Saint Beagle
  6. Jamie Hurd at bethinking, betalking
  7. Adrian Warnock
  8. Dai Hankey at Sanctified Rant
  9. John Piper and others at Desiring God
  10. Bob Kauflin at Worship Matters

Go surfing!

See you tomorrow for the best online sermons…


One thought on “Web Guide: Resources

  1. If you already own an ESV Study Bible, you can access all the same info on their website for free (you need the code on the card that comes with the bible)… great way to carry all that info with you without lugging a huge bible with you!

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