Precious remedies #4

In section 3 of Precious remedies against Satan’s devices, Thomas Brooks turns to how we can be turned away from our ‘holy duties’. That is, how Satan stops us living a Christian life.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly struggle at times to spend quality time alone with God. I remember saying in a meeting as a student that I found prayer hard and so thought I should wait until I found it easier.The speaker, Dick Dowset, quickly rebuked me and said that I should wrestle in prayer and work at it. Although humiliated at the time, I am grateful for his loving correction.

Brooks states in Device 3:

By presenting to the soul the difficulty of performing them.

Says Satan, it is so hard and difficult a thing to pray as you should, and to wait on God as you should, and to walk with God as you should, and to be lively, warm, and active in the communion of saints as you should, that you were better ten thousand times to neglect them, than to meddle with them. Doubtless by this device Satan has and does
keep off thousands from waiting on God and from giving to him that service that is due to his name.

Brooks gives us 5 excellent remedies….

1. Dwell more on their necessity of time alone with God than the difficulty

2. Realise that Jesus will make them easy and sweet to you

The Lord will give that sweet assistance by his Spirit and grace, as shall make his service joyous and not grievous, a delight and not a burden, a heaven and not a hell, to believing souls.

3. Remember the hard things that Jesus has done for you

4. Consider that these are only hard to the ignoble parts of the saint

5. Look forward to the great reward

Yes, one hour’s being in heaven will abundantly recompense you for cleaving to the Lord and his ways in the face of all difficulties…Ah! if the gratuities be thus sweet and glorious before pay-day comes, what will be that glory that Christ will crown his saints with, for cleaving to his service in the face of all difficulties.

Are you struggling with time alone with God? Get into it…and you will love it.

2 thoughts on “Precious remedies #4

  1. Number 3 always cracks me up – the ‘hard things’ Jesus did for me … take time out to think about that. Then blink the tears away, at least!
    The last one is interesting – do it for reward. That’s a bit counter-culture in evangelicalism today. We shouldn’t do good things for reward, we should do them for ‘service’… erm … because we should.
    Reading this morning in Matt 6. Jesus tells us to give in secret, to pray in secret and to fast secretly… Why? Because your Father will see in secret and REWARD you.

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