Easter Mission round up

Over the weekend Becca, Noah and I  went up to North Wales to take part in a passion for life mission. This was a weekend of events held under the national banner of a passion for life and organised between 5 local churches:

Ebenezer Baptist Church, Mold

Gwersyllt Congregational Church

Christ Church, Deeside

Bradley Road Baptist Church, Wrexham

Rockwood Mission, Brynteg

There were numerous events over the weekend, and I had the privilege and honour of speaking at 4 of them. All the events wer gospel focused, culturally relevant, attended by non-Christians and had clear follow-on options, especially Christianity Explored.

It seemed a very well thought through and prayed for mission.

Friday night was a Getty evening in a local village hall. Basically, for 40 minutes we were led through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus by means of singing Keith Getty songs (with a choir) and hearing readings from the Gospels. The team that put this together were excellent and it was so good to stand up and speak on ‘I am thirsty‘ after the Gospel had been so clearly introduced. A great evening.

Saturday night was in Theatre Clwyd. Around 200 people came in, sat around tables and were treated to a magazine show format called ‘Who moved the stone‘. The evening started with a very funny Sherlock Holmes sketch about theories for the empty tomb and was followed by two excellent interviews. The first was with a Glen, who became a Christian after driving past a sign for Christianity Explored in his taxi and decided to attend. The second was Susana who, after making a deliberate decision against God as a child, later had to change her mind when she got in contact with the CU in her university. It was great to have 2 completely different stories, but 2 stories that showed that if you investigate the claims of Jesus, it will change your life. I then spoke on proof for the resurrection to close the evening. To be honest, that was one of the best organised events I have ever been to. I learnt a lot.

Sunday morning I went to Bradley Road Baptist and peached from 1 Peter. This was a standard Sunday service, but was well attended by guests. It was lovely to see a church so welcoming and keen to to share the Gospel. I loved the way the Pastor had a passion for the gospel and the lost. We then had a lovely afternoon with the Pastor and his family.

Sunday evening I got lost, but finally found my way to the community centre in Brynteg. The local church, Rockwood mission, put on a Songs of Praise evening. What I loved about this event was that the church has about 15 people, but they were willing to do this. Indeed, other churches sent musicians over to help. Around 35 people came in to sing Easter Hymns and hear the gospel preached. A really, really encouraging night.

In all, the weekend was excellent. All the churches pulled together, invited friends, and were happy for the gospel to be preached. The Lord gave me much mercy in allowing me to preach the gospel, and I pray that the Holy Spirit would now be applying to the words of the gospel to their hearts.

Please pray for:

  • A lady I spoke to on the Friday evening who came along for the first time with a Christian friend.
  • A couple who came on the Saturday night and were very interested in the gospel as it was different to their Catholic back ground.
  • A lady who came on Sunday morning with a Christian friend. Pray that the challenge of being a Christian and not just ‘good’ would pierce her heart.
  • A group of  youths who turned up to the songs of Praise evening because of a faithful grandmother who taught Sunday School.

Please thank God for:

  • Unity in the churches who put this mission on.
  • Christians who were willing and bold to invite guests.
  • The hospitality that was shown my family and I. It really took any stress out of the weekend.
  • The opportunity to preach the gospel to searchers.
  • Thank God for his goodness!

3 thoughts on “Easter Mission round up

  1. Jonathan – thanks for this report. It was great to welcome you and your family to Bradley Road. Thank you for offering your gifts in this way.

  2. It’s good that your immense gift for preaching the gospel is being recognized further afield.

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