New minisrty team member

I am very excited to announce today that as a church we have been asked to look after a pastor called John from America while he is on a sabbatical. You can read more about him here. He will be with us from May 1st to mid December.

John has written a couple of books here.

8 thoughts on “New minisrty team member

  1. Wha?! This is the first I hear about it! It really does show you need to improve communications in our Church…not a sniff at leaders meetings 😦

    That’s it, I quit, I wont share a place in your affections with another called Jon…there’s no way I can compete.

    I’m off to set up a ‘Calvins Institute of Wales’ on my own!

  2. Wow, quite a privilege to be asked to ‘look after’ such a well respected Pastor, but isn’t your title a little misleading? First, what is a minisRTy team?! Secondly, it seems from his letter to the church that he won’t be doing any work, the guy needs a complete break in order to reload. Will he really be on your team, or just part of the church? I also notice he doesn’t advertise where he will be going, though I am sure you would not have done so without his permission.

  3. Ok, I feel VERY silly!!! Should have read previous reply first and realised today’s date! But that’s how rumours start!! Nice one!

  4. Really Paul? Really? You thought John Piper’s sabbatical was helping out at a Church in Ammanford?

    Having said that, if it’s pride issues he wants to deal with then there’s nothing like a dose of Ammanford to increase humility!

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