Getting ready for Easter

With just over 15 days to go until Easter, I thought I’d give you an idea of how you could use 15 minutes a day to help you make the most of this Easter. You see,  that’s nearly 4 hours…half a working day!  Wouldn’t you love to sit down for half your working day in a comfy chair and meditate on the glories of Christ? Well, you can do that 15 minutes a day for 15 days.

I think the best thing to do is take a slow walk through the Biblical accounts of the the last 24 hours of Jesus life. Indeed, it is really good to read them side by side and notice all the little details of those hours. It is amazing to see the little details (like how Jesus looks at Peter after his denial, or the way Jesus responds to his questioners…). In church each Sunday at the moment we are going through the Apostle John’s account, and it is a real blessing. We are looking at John 18-19, but you can also meditate on:

Matthew 26-27

Mark 14-15

Luke 22-23

I find the best way to do this is with a trustworthy little Christian book next to your Bible, so that you have a metaphorical friend helping you through.  The books I go back to time and time again are these 2 little gems:

Cries from the Cross by Erwin Lutzer is one of the most sensitive and moving accounts of the last sayings of Jesus from the cross. It is theologically deep, emotionally moving and spiritually uplifting. I find that I cannot read this book with a dry eye as I cannot read this book without being touched afresh by the glory of the gospel.

Living the cross centred life by CJ Mahaney is a book EVERY Christian should read. He unpacks, very simply, beautifully and movingly, the reason for the cross, the achievement of the cross and the implications of the cross. It is a short book, but a substantial one. If you want to take a look at the bigger picture of the cross, then this is the book for you. Again, as he looks to the Saviour, your heart will be lifted and your eyes will never stay dry.


Surely, the cross should move us. Surely, the death of our saviour should change us. Surely, seeing God’s love in Christ should transform us.

Go on, use these 15 days wisely.

Open your Bible and open your heart.

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