Free Audio Books

Ok….Christian Audio…are…absolutely…brilliant!

Brilliant I say!

They have given away some amazing books in the past, and this month they have excelled themselves. Not only are they giving away two audio books completely free, they are giving away two excellent books for free. Amazing!

These two books are only available free for March, so get downloading here.

The two books are very different. One has been a classic for a number of years and is the book I’ve always wanted to read. The other is fast becoming a classic and is the book I read again and again.

1. The book I’ve always wanted to read.

The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a Christian classic, and a book I should have read years ago.  I want to read to find out what he meant by ‘cheap grace‘ and how that effects me.

2. The book I will read (and listen to now) again and again.

50 reasons why Jesus came to die by John Piper is one of my all time favourite books. I dip into all the time. here is a review a wrote about it before.  I really think everyone should download this, put it on their iPod and listen to a section everyday on the run up to Easter…it will be a huge blessing.

Get downloading!


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