Ignoring the bride?

As we look at Jesus prayer for unity in the church, consider the following quotes:

By becoming a Christian, I belong to God and I belong to my brothers and sisters. It is not that I belong to God and then make a decision to join a local church. My being in Christ means being in Christ with those others who are in Christ. This is my identity, this is out identity. To fail to live out our corporate identity in Christ is analogous to the act of adultery: we can be Christians and so it, but it is not what Christians should do.

Total Church, Tim Chester

Reflecting on 1 Corinthians 12:12-27….

…belonging to the body is not something w can elect to opt out of. We can no more extract ourselves from the body of Christ than a human eye can say that it doesn’t want to belong to its body.

Marcus Honeysett, Meltdown

If the church is central to God’s purpose, as seen in both history and the gospel, it must surely also be central to our lives. How can we take lightly what God takes so seriously? How dare we push to the circumference what God has placed at the centre?

John Stott, BST Ephesians

Can I say that I love Jesus but hate the wife he cherishes? Can I say I enjoy spending time with him but refuse to enter his house? Can I claim friendship with Jesus but think his body is repulsive? It’s not possible.

Joshua Harris, Dug down deep

How well do you love and cherish the bride of Christ?

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