An evening for Haiti: a review

Last night the church building was jam packed with suits, dresses, instruments, puppets, cakes and generosity. For 2 hours we were treated to songs, poems, dances, percussion, promises and cakes. In all of this we had Elfyn Evans giving smooth and funny links and there was lots of cheering and clapping.

Our aim was to raise money to help with the Haiti disaster relief fund through the work of Tearfund. It was great to see many people willing to give so much time, energy, talent and money to such an important cause.

Over the past few weeks the church has raised well over £3000 for the fund. Well done guys!

However, as Christians, we don’t just want to send money, we want to look to God and pray too. Indeed, we believe that He can do far more than we could ever ask or imagine. So, why not watch the video below and join us in prayer:


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