10 million (minute) words

Over at the gospel coalition web site, Tim Challies is starting at amazing project. He is going to read all the best selling books in America for the next year. he reckons it’ll amount to about 10 million words! Now, I thought about doing that (with the Amazon list) but thought better of it. Sometimes I can read a book in a day and sometimes I can take 3 months. So, 10 million words is a no go for me.

Then I remembered something a pastor once said in a UCCF team day. He reckoned you could read far more books than you think if you read for 10 minutes a day. I’m not sure. How much can you actually read in 10 minutes? What do you think? Got a figure in your head?

Let’s see if we can work it out with the 3 books I’ve been reading this holiday:

Fearless by Max Lucado

The Ordinary Hero by Tim Chester

Counterfeit gods by Tim Keller

I can read about 4 pages of a standard sized book in 10 minutes. A standard book is around 200 pages long. That means it takes about 50 days to read a book at 10 minutes a day.

That means you can read about 7 books a year! 7 books on top of whatever else you read… or if you don’t read… 7 books instead of none.

Now, there is a flaw to this plan:

-Some books will be about 250 pages long

-I may miss a day or two

So, how about going for 6 books? 1 book every 2 months?

6 books by this time next year, by giving just 10 minutes a day to it!

Can you imagine the spiritual impact of that?

Will you join me?


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