New Year…. New Bible reading plan?

Are you looking for a new way to read through the Bible?

Do you fancy a change?

Let me show you two different ways of reading the Bible for all it’s worth. The first is the classic Bible study notes on paper. The second is an online audio and blog format.

Here are the 2 suggestions for 2010:

1. Start using Explore Bible study notes.

These are brilliant daily Bible reading notes that take about 10-15 mins to do.

A lot of people I know use these are they are:

– Faithful to the text

– Easy to understand

– Full of application

They go book by book through the Bible, but not in order. This is good, as you go between Old and New testament, History and poetry, etc.

You can order them online here.

Or you can buy them in church from SGYB books.

If you’ve never used them…try them.

2. Use the ESV podcast and ‘For the Love of God’ blog.

I think this is the one I am going to try this year. It’s online, free and faithful.

The ESV is a relatively new translation that is very faithful and pretty readable. You can get the audio podcast every day and hear a simple (with no music) reading of the McCheyne daily reading programme.

It takes about 10 minutes to hear the 4 portions of the Bible.

So, alongside that, since you are online, you can use Don Carsons ‘For the love of God‘. He chooses one of the 4 readings to comment on. I have read through the volumes before, and they are excellent….brilliant. Carson only writes one page… but it is gold dust.

The entire study takes about 20 minutes (including the reading).

This is a great iPhone option.

You can get the ESV podcast here. Or you can search for ‘ESV:every day‘ at the iTunes store.

You can get the Carson blog here. Or buy it in print here.

God bless you as you study his word in 2010.


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