Getting ready for Sunday

In 2010 I want to use this blog to help you as a church prepare for Sundays. Therefore I will post here the text and title of the sermon, and then some questions or resources to help you start engaging with the text.

On Sunday 3rd we will begin a new series in the book of Esther called ‘God is nowhere? God is now here!‘ We will only spend 4 weeks going through the book, but we will dive into deep waters.

Design by Sammy Davies

Our first sermon is called ‘learning to live in the grey‘ and will cover Esther chapters 1 to 3.

I would encourage you to read the entire book before Sunday.

When you read chapters 1 to 3 ask the following questions:

  • Who is in control in chapter 1?
  • What kind of man is King Xerxes?
  • What is your initial reaction to Esther and Mordecai in chapter 2?
  • Why do you think they did what they did?
  • Who seems to be in control in chapter 3?
  • Does Esthers world reflect yours in any way?

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