The 12 days of Christmas – 2

On Sunday we had a great day of Christmas events. In the morning we had a wonderful nativity with the children (and some adults…), and had a very thought-provoking sermon by Sammy Davies.

You can listen to this short talk here.

3 thoughts on “The 12 days of Christmas – 2

  1. already, after just one day, we are scraping the barrel. I want free stuff like a 70 inch HD TV…not Sammy!!!

  2. 70 inch you say? Well, I think Sammy’s waiste…hmmm… better stop there!
    Some exciting stuff tommorrow….honest 😉

  3. the other less well known JT has a link on his blog to 7 free advent hymns which are quite good..

    As for 70 inches and Sammy’s waist… let’s not understate things 😛

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