Fairtrade Friday

Congratulations to the Ammanford Fairtrade Group who won ‘best media campaign’ during Fairtrade fortnight. You can read the full list of awards here.

fair trade logo

Read the following to see why we won:

“Congratulations! I am very pleased to tell you that Ammanford Fairtrade Group is the winner of the Fairtrade Fortnight Best Media Campaign Award! The judges were impressed by the creative events you organized which ensured excellent media coverage – not just in print, but also TV. You engaged a wide range of people in your events and involving the Mayor, local MP and local AM was great, as well as churches and youth groups. Your range of events proved an excellent way to make interesting local news stories that kept the press interested and ensured your message reached a huge number of people”

I think they meant the man dressed as a banana…

Fairtrade Banana Split


3 thoughts on “Fairtrade Friday

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