Emerging leaders in Wales


“Oh, it’s the day of small things”

“Dear, there is no-one to fill the pulpits”

“Where are all the young men?”

I hear these comments regularly… and to be honest… I get frustrated with them. I sometimes think that most Welsh Evangelicals are either Functional Deists or Blind to Evidences of Grace.

I personally know of around 20 guys who are going into full time Christian ministry in Wales. They are a mix of English and Welsh speakers, reformed and Charismatic, Calvinistic and not-so-sure, independant and denominatonal.

But what holds them all together is that they love Jesus and are clear on the gospel. So, in my book, they are an encouragement!

In light of this I have started a series of blogs over on the ProGnosis about them. Letting you know who they are, what they are doing, and how you can pray for them.

I’ve also added a page to this blog with links to all the guys – you can find that here.

Be encouraged. God is at work!

Don’t miss what God is doing. See it and rejoice!


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