Food for your soul

Two things should be rather clear from this blog:

1. I really love the way that Sovereign Grace Ministries are so gospel focused and Christ centered.

2. I really love being able to download video content for free.

So, today is a good day. I have just come across the SGM vimeo page. It is jam packed with great sermons from CJ Mahaney and is completely free. What more could you ask for?!

I would commend these videos to you and encourage you to watch some of them.

7796If you have a free hour this week, why not put some fresh coffee on, crack open your Bible, sit in a comfy (but not too comfy) seat and watch one of these…

You can find the videos here.

This really will not  be slacking off – this will be time well spent.

Every blessing!


One thought on “Food for your soul

  1. Yes, Yes, Yes. Vimeo is the new…well it’s just good. And Sov Grace seem to be one of the first bunch to be utilising it (along with AEC). I posted their video from the Next Conference of “All I Have Is Christ”.

    It’s nice when you can get these things for nothing!

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