Fairtrade Friday


So, Fairtrade Coffee review number two…. and the winner is…

Today I want to review one of the most well know Fairtrade coffee options.

Percol is a great company that have been around for about 20 years. They are probably the company I have been buying Fairtrade coffee from the longest. They are always available at your local Tesco’s.

fairtrade_organic_african_227g_packTheir new range of ‘Africa’ coffee includes a lovely ground coffee bag. It is a strength 3 (which is a bit weaker than I usually enjoy) but promises a hint of chocolate (which is why I bought it!).

Although the coffee isn’t the best I’ve tasted in my life, it is very nice. It is a lovely breakfast coffee, as it is not too strong (and the chocolate-y taste isn’t too sweet).

I will difinatly buy this product again as it is in the lower end of the coffee price range. In effect it is the Dell/Tesco’s of coffees…. cheep and effective. A coffee you will enjoy and drink again, but you wouldn’t pay £4 for a bag.

Well worth a try.

The extra special thing about this coffee is more ethical. It is obviously Fairtrade (and so has all those benefits), but it also:


This product has an extra 30p per case that goes to special charity work with children in Africa.

So, go and buy a pack.


4 thoughts on “Fairtrade Friday

  1. if only Tesco’s was cheap and effective… we’d have more time and money!!!
    as for mocking the dell… gift horse… mouth?!!!! x

  2. I tried the decaf Percol in Aber after reading your other post. Being a Coffee Master (like Yoda but involving bad breath), I have to say it was one of the worst I’ve tasted in a long time. Sorry, but I was really disappointed, although it did help balance the hype of Aber.

  3. Percol is NOT my favourite but I’d rather drink that knowing the farmer’s had a good return than anything from Nestle. Mixing and matching filter coffee gets me experiencing a rang of tastes from Brazil Colombia and Guetamala (Thats not how you spell it is it).
    I get my instant fairtrade coffee from M&S. Rich Roast is good. Strangley 2 small pots are cheaper than 1 large one. Why is that surely more glass is used and energy consumed creating two jars? But now i’m changing the focus ..

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