Camp Round Up


IMG_1060Last week I got to go on a camp I’ve wanted to do for nearly 5 years. The Camp is the EMW camp that is led by Andy Rees. Originally Bec and I were going to go on the team, but little Noah changed all that (so they had a nice holiday in Bristol).

The week was an absolute blast, I really enjoyed… here are 10 reasons why:

1. I got to see God at work

No matter how you look at the EMW camps, you can clearly see God at work. For years God has been keeping the camps safe and edifying. Indeed, many friends met Jesus at camp, and I trust that this year will not be any different. It was a joy to see kids listening to the talks and hear officers talk of 10 year old’s engaging with the Bible studies.

2. The admin team before hand were great

Behind every effective camp there is months of preparation. Indeed, without the ‘behind the scenes’ team the camp would not happen. Things need to be booked, officers located, CRB checks done, camps advertised, bookings taken and communication sent out.

The admin support was excellent (please note: all that happens in the EMW is supported by a dedicated team of people who work way too hard. They are the unsung heroes of the movement…why not drop them a card/ email of thanks?)

3. Andy is probably the best team leader

Hopefully he wont read this. But Andy is an amazing team leader. He knows the camp inside out and produced a programme that ensured the children were never bored. However, although he could probably do every part of the camp with his eyes closed, he still delegates well and get’s the best out of his team.

I really enjoyed his morning devotions and found his support and encouragement vital.

4. The team were excellent

IMG_1049What can I say, apart from Jamie, the team was amazing. Sorry Jamie. Actually, Jamie was awesome too ( and confirmed why we have him as a church youth worker). I must admit that I’m sure some of the team could have been a better chaplain than me, and indeed gave brilliant epilogues. The team was oozing talent and gifts. But more than being a talented team, it was a united and hard working team.

5. The parents sent their kids

This is vital. I was so encouraged that parents want their children to hear the gospel. I praise God for parents who still believe in the power of the gospel.

6. The kids were very excited

Sometimes a little too excited! The kids were ready to have fun, get involved, and get to know new kids. Sometimes their enthusiasm was a little over the top (like the day they trashed the maritime museum in Swansea!), but on the whole it just meant that we had great fun.

7. I got to teach 10 year old’s justification by faith

I still can’t believe how must these kids were able to understand. It was great teaching though the first 8 chapters of the Bible and seeing the kids grapple with grace, faith and the Christian life.

8. Geraint Fielder was there

Mary Fielder was working in the kitchen, and Geraint was walking around being an encourager. Geraint has had an amazing life in student ministry, local church ministry and has written some amazing books (especially Grace, grit and gumption). It was so humbling to have him sit in on my little talks, be in the prayer meeting, and stir the team up on an individual basis. It was great to see a man running the race, and being an encourager.

9. Becca and Noah came to visit

The only down side to the week was that Bec and Noah were not there. Mind you, they came to visit, and that was an absolute highlight. Mind you, when they came I didn’t get to see them much as Noah was being handed around and Becca was enjoying with the team and the leaders.

10. I came home

I don’t want to sound un-spiritual – but I was happy when it came to an end! I loved the week, and hope to do it again. But it was nice to come home to my wife, my baby, my bed, my church and my sleep.


In all, a BRILLIANT week.

Diolch Iddo!


5 thoughts on “Camp Round Up

  1. Heartedly agree about the Fielders they are a real example and such an encouragement to me when I see them when I go home to Abergavenny.

  2. JT you were great too. Not only did you get to teach 10 year olds justification by faith, you taught it well. Praise God for all of the great things about camp! I am actually missing some of the campers being around this year. Not sure that has happened before… It was a great team too. Hope you can do it next year mate. See you in Aber. God bless

  3. Thanks Jon.

    Martha and I were so glad that you were going to be the chaplain for the childrens camp this year. It’s a big thing for a parent .. having said that, it seems as though both Hannah and Benjamin were happier-still!

    They had a great time. They learned a lot about the gospel. They learned a lot about Jesus. Thank you for playing your part in showing them what a wonderful Saviour and Lord he is!

    Please thank the team .. and what a team! Everyone played their part in making camp memorable .. from toast eating competitions to illicit pillow fights .. the Sercombes had a great time .. not least because they enjoyed it with their cousin at their side.

    Diolch yn fawr

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