A Great Rugby Night

Men mingling at the start of the evening
Men mingling at the start of the evening

On Sunday night we had a great time up in Betws Rugby Club with Garin Jenkins and Chris Jones. Both are rugby bois, and Garin is an ex-international player. Nearly a hundred men and 4 women (!) turned out for chicken and chips in a basket, and to listen to Garin and Chris talk about their lives and faith.

Rhodri Darcy started off by interviewing Garin about the Lions tour, his life and his faith.

The lovely food
The lovely food

It was great to hear Garin talk about the reality of his relationship with God, and how he has found true meaning, fulfilment and passion in Jesus.

Up next was Chris Jones who shared his life story. It is an amazing story that truly brings glory to God. During his rugby career he received 2 life bans (yes…2!… that was an interesting story!) for violence on the pitch, and later ended up in the cells accused of stabbing an undercover police officer.

Rhodri interviewing Garin
Rhodri interviewing Garin

However, in an amazing twist, in the cells, he turned his eyes to God, and became a Christian.

It would be fair to say that everyone was moved by the two life stories, and challenged by their faith.

Chris shares his story

Thanks bois!

Chris shares his story

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