New preaching series: Hosea

3weddingsandunfaithfulnessToday we started a 4 part series in the opening chapters of Hosea. Hosea is a very dark and challenging book, but it also a glorious exposition of God’s unrelenting love and faithfulness to a wayward people.

There are 3 levels of understanding in the book:

1. Hosea and Gomer

This is the first thing you see, Hosea marrying an unfaithful woman – a whore. Indeed, the idea of God’s prophet doing that would have made the people recoil with horror.

However, that is only a picture – an enacted prophecy of something greater, the second level:

2. Yahweh and Israel

Hosea married Gomer to demonstrate to Israel their unfaithfulness to their covenant God, Yahweh. They had chased after other god’s and kingdoms, and had let their hearts go cold.

What has this to do with us today? Well, Ephesians 5 teaches us that the church is now the bride of Christ, and so Hosea has a third level of understanding through NT eyes:

3. Jesus and the church

Jesus loves the church as bridegroom loves his bride. It is an intense, gracious, committed, redeeming love.

Yet, like Gomer and Israel, we can be unfaithful too. We can chase after the god of Mammon, or trust in our position/ status. We can even take good things and turn them into false god’s. The heart is indeed an idol factory.

Here is our introduction video:

You can listen to the first sermon here.


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