Fairtrade Friday: Coffee of the month

IMG00130-20090507-1422I like coffee…

I love coffee…

Dare I say it… I am addicted to coffee…

When I was coming around to supporting Fairtrade, the big issue for me was this: Fairtrade coffee is like mud! I honestly thought that going Fairtrade meant going to drink horrible coffee. And to be honest, there are some terrible fairtrade coffees out there – but so too are there even worse non-fairtrade coffees available!

However, over the last couple of years I have been encouraged and blessed by an increasing choice of fairtrade coffee – and indeed, lovely coffees. I am so confident of the variety and strength of these coffee products that I am going to show you one every month… yes, every month.

Oh yes, and before you point out the Starbucks mug in the photo – go here, here and here.

So, coffee of the Month goes to… drum roll please…


This is a lovely coffee. It is not a very strong coffee, and is rsather smooth. It is perfect for a lazy morning. Taylors have always made quality coffee, and this is no exception.

So, three great reasons to buy this coffee:

1. It is ethical

2. It is organic

3. It is smooth and refreshing


6 thoughts on “Fairtrade Friday: Coffee of the month

  1. Noah looks desperate for you to pour some latte into his open mouth, a true ‘chip off the block’!

  2. Not sure what this post is promoting. Is it saying ‘buy fairtrade, it’s good.’ or is it saying ‘I’m a daredevil father, finely balancing an extra hot mocha in one hand an a vulnerable baby in the other!’

    I just hope (at the time of the foto) that you’d already had one hit of espresso and so didn’t have the shakes…

  3. Not a coffee man at all, meself.
    However, Clipper fairtrade tea is, in my opinion, vastly superior to most other tea bag teas, fairtrade or not. I think it’s the unbleached tea bags.

  4. That is really good info! I drink fairtrade tea the whole time and always drink fairtrade coffee at coffee shops. To be honest, I have always had very good experiences and I thoroughly enjoy the drink.

    Great idea to make recommendations, though. We should always enjoy our fairtrade products.

  5. I work for Starbucks and the freshly brewed Estima is FairTrade which is one of my favourites. I’m gonna have to stock up on my coffee before going to the Aber Conference this year, one of the main failings of Aber is that it doesn’t have a Starbucks, or some sort of good cafe but if I’m wrong, let me know!

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