Fair Trade Friday

fairtradeAn increasing passion of mine is Fair Trade. If you remember, we held a banana split challenge during Fait Trade week. But more than that, as a church, we are trying to only use Fair Trade products (but have a way to go).

We are part of the Ammanford Fair Trade group, and try and raise awareness of the issues involved at different times.

Why fair trade?

Here are my 5 reasons:

  1. God created us all in His image, and so all human beings are of worth
  2. We have a common humanity, and so should care for one another
  3. The Christian is commanded to love his neighbour
  4. God hates injustice
  5. There is provision for the poor in both the Testaments

Here is a short video:

So, what will I do on Fair Trade Friday?

-Review some great fair trade products – especially coffee

-Look at some fair trade facts and figures

-Unpack some Biblical teaching

-Let you know about some Fair Trade updates


2 thoughts on “Fair Trade Friday

  1. Didn’t know it was fair trade friday but now I do, thanks for the blog.
    Sorry to be picky but I think I saw a lot of non fairtrade tea in the church cupboard. Is it fair to just remove it? What do you think?

    Maybe you could give fairtrade a sneaky plug in your Money talk next week, (under good stewardship?)
    Keep up the good work

  2. Yep, maybe I should have said we ‘have a long way to go’….
    We’ll get there…maybe with a non-fairtrade burning party? Could be fun.
    Thanks for commenting.

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