OHP: The True Aaron

Olney Hymn ProjectOne of the things I love about the old saints is the way they could come up with such insightful names for Jesus. My all time favorite is the way Spurgeon called Jesus his Glorious Boaz. That is an awesome name for Jesus.

Today in Olney Hymns I read number 19 which was written by John Newton. It is the only Hymn in section 1 from the book of Leviticus (Chapter 8:7-9), and has 9 verses.

Verses 1-4 look at Aaron, what he was wearing, and what that meant.

Verse 5 shows how ‘through him the eye of faith describes, a greater priest than he…Jesus’.

Finally, verses 7-9 unpack what it means that Jesus is our True Aaron.

1. See Aaron, God’s anointed priest,
Within the veil appear;
In robes of mystic meaning dressed,
Presenting Israel’s prayer.2. The plate of gold which crowns his brows,
His holiness describes;
His breast displays, in shining rows,
The names of all the tribes.

3. With the atoning blood he stands,
Before the mercy-seat;
And clouds of incense from his hands,
Arise with odor sweet.

4. Urim and Thummim near his heart,
In rich engravings worn;
The sacred light of truth impart,
To teach and to adorn.

5. Through him the eye of faith descries,
A greater Priest than he;
Thus Jesus pleads above the skies,
For you, my friends, and me.6. He bears the names of all his saints,
Deep on his heart engraved;
Attentive to the state and wants
Of all his love has saved.

7. In him a holiness complete,
Light and perfections shine;
And wisdom, grace, and glory meet;
A Saviour all divine.

8. The blood, which as a Priest he bears
For sinners, is his own
The incense of his prayers and tears
Perfume the holy throne.

9. In him my weary soul has rest,
Though I am weak and vile
I read my name upon his breast,
And see the Father smile.

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