Love one another

The series we are doing in church at the moment is called ‘one another. It is a 5 part series looking at some of the ‘one another’ statements in the Bible. The series was inspired by a prayer of Peter Jackson, a member of our church, musician and evangelist. He thanked God that so many of the New Testament commands were ‘one another’ commands. That blew me away, and I knew we had to do a series of them.

Here is our intro video (the design is by Sammy, and the video by Paul G)

Sunday, Sammy preached part 2. In part 1 Peter Jackson looked at Jesus washing the disciples feet, and this week Sammy looked at the Apostle John’s words in 1 John 4.

The sermon was really good and well worth a listen.

Here is Sammy’s sermon:

What struck me about his sermon was the last point. We had been taught that we were commanded to love one another, and that the motivation for that was Jesus death on the cross (and so we should preach the gospel to ourselves every day). His final point asked ‘how should we do this?’. Sammy said that we should love as Christ has loved us.

Now, that is a simple, theological and good exegetical point from the passage. But is rather vague. Know what I mean?

So, Sammy explained… really well.

He pointed out 4 things about Jesus love:

1. It is unexpected

That is, this wasn’t what God should have done. As creator-God He could have just crushed us. But He didn’t, rather, He:

2. It is humiliating

Jesus came into our world. He become incarnate. He became nothing.  And so it was:

3. It is costly

Love costs. It is sacrificial. Jesus gave Himself. And so, it is:

4. It is effective

He was able to save us.


I wonder, do we love like that?

Do we love unexpectantly? Are we willing to love even if it makes less of us? Or do we live for our ‘rights’ and ‘self image’?

We need to look at the cross and live with a similar, costly love.


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