Noah, me and a Blackberry

Little Noah and Becca are still in hospital, as Noah is not the greatest of eaters. It seems he has inherited his fathers appetite!

However, he is a happy chappy, and should be out soon.

Here are a few quick snaps from my phone.


His first bath:


Noah and Tadcu compare fingers:


A final one…



3 thoughts on “Noah, me and a Blackberry

  1. It used to be that the only people to see a boy’s embarrassing baby photos before the Best Man’s speech were girlfriends. Thanks to the WWW the whole world can mock! Not that there’s anything to mock with Noah; he’s perfect. Love the fact he’s rubbing his eyes in the top photo, super cute! Reminds me of his mother.

  2. Very cute. Doesn’t even look like Winston Churchill.

    I see you have lots of time for blogging recently – that’s not what paternity leave’s for (if I used emoticons there’d be a winking smiley here).

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