Llanw 09

This week I have been at Llanw. This is an Easter conference in Welsh, held in Llangrannog. It is the second year it has ran and around 150 people turned up this year.

img00072-20090414-1402I traveled up with the lovely Hallams, and got to share a room with some classic lads.

I was doing the morning sessions on Revelation 1: Jesus: the victorious God.

I took three sermons to unpack the whole chapter and apply it to the Welsh scene.

Although I am not a first language Welsh preacher, I did find a freedom and unction as I tried to show that Jesus really is victorious, and that He loves the church and us. I felt a huge burden to show that although we may feel as though Jesus is not at work and that it is ‘the day of the small things‘, actually Jesus is victorious and is at work.


I was really built up by the fellowship and life-story sharing during the week. Things that struck me:

-Jesus is at work today!

He really is. There were people there who had been converted in the last year, and others who were rediscovering God’s grace in a fresh and new way.

-People are getting saved

The highlight of the week was Ben Nus interviewing Hugh – a really lovable Welsh farmer. His testimony to God’s grace and mercy was one of the most heart warming things I had heard for years… I really hope it was filmed by Rhys Llwyd…

The next day I spoke to his wife Haf who had only been saved about a year before him… an amazing demonstration of God’s goodness in a family in North Wales.

-Men are going into the ministry

There was a group of lads there who are going into various denominations over the next few years. They kind of remind me of the Forward Movement. Pray for these boys, they are willing to go into places I and others wouldn’t go.  While we go into nice, neat and easy Evangelical churches on the M4 Bible belt, these boys are going to area’s that desperately need the gospel.

-There are really spiritual women around

There were a number of women there who can handle the Bible really well and have a heart to help and support other Christians. Great!

-We need to stand together

I am increasingly fed up with petty Welsh in-fighting. It was lovely this week to look out at a congrgation and see Presbyterian, Independent, Chuch of Wales, EMW, Baptist, Charismatic, Contemporary and undefined together.

In conclusion, I think Jesus is doing far more than we give Him credit for. Revelation is a kind of DVD extra, the behind the scenes, making of. We need to see that Jesus is at the right hand of the Father victorious, and that He is standing amongst the churches, and indeed holding the heart of the churches in His hand.

Diolch Iddo!

5 thoughts on “Llanw 09

  1. Jon .. have you thought about posting your sermons? Would love to see what you had to say, but especially the application to Wales / Welsh-speaking Wales. Is this likely, or do I wait for it to come on iTunes?

    Da iawn ti am fynd Jonathan. Ma eisie ti cadw lan y gwaith da. JHS

  2. I’m uploading the videos over the next couple of days.
    Thanks for the encouragement gents.

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