Easter weekend round up

What a crazy and great weekend it has been…

I came back from New Word Alive and then had a manic weekend of DIY, preaching, family and friends.

Good Friday started with an excellent reminder of why I am a Christian – the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. Then I went to the office to write some sermons and get on top of my e-mails (always a joy!). In the evening I chilled with my brother-in-law who was down all weekend painting the baby’s bedroom (what a star!).

Saturday was a big DIY day – me and my dad fitting out the utility room. Then I was off to Gorseinon to preach.

Sunday started with an early morning prayer meeting on the Betws mountain – which was lovely. Followed by a joint Easter morning service – which was lively! In the afternoon we had dinner with me dad, and in the evening it was back to Gorseinon to preach.

Monday was all sermon prep and then on to Becca’s birthday present – a night in the Celtic Manor… very nice, very nice indeed!

Here are some pics:

On the way back from NWA we stopped off in the greatest Christian Cafe in Wales


I think this is an example of Liz’s cooking ability


This is the view from the prayer meeting


And our romantic destination (Newport?!)


Now I am off to Llanw (a Welsh Easter conference) to preach through Revelation 1 on the sufficiency of Jesus.


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