NWA blogging: view from a blackberry

Before coming to NWA I got a Blackberry and have been using it to have a bit of a photo diary for you. This photo’s are rubbish quality… but I like them!

img00046-20090401-1959My first photo is from the overflow room. The main tent is jam packed and I prefer to sit in the overflow on comfy seats, put my feet up and surf the net.

The sermons have been great, and I have really been blessed and challenged by Vaughan Roberts.

This morning I got to a do a book review in one of the Bible readings. I was img00047-20090402-10251quite suprised at how nervous I was. I guess I’ve never stood up before so many people before. However, it was great to be back stage and chat to Vaughan Roberts and the guy who led the singing, Jos.

I love this little photo I took – just an idea of what it looks like from the back.

Finally, it has been really sunny this week – and today has been glorious…



5 thoughts on “NWA blogging: view from a blackberry

  1. Jonathan .. don’t forget to look after ‘Becca as closely as your latest man-toy!

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