NWA blogging 1


Well, the silence is over. It turns out that there is free wi-fi, and so I can keep you updated on the 2 conferences (NWA week 1 and 2). This week, Bec, me and the bump are here as part of the student team and have been helping to lead the ‘just looking’ group (a mini Christianity Explored) and doing an ‘impact group‘ (a way of helping students process and apply all that they hear and learn).

So far, it has been great. The weather is good, the programme is excellent, and there is enough time to chill and rest.

Here are the best things about NWA so far:


It has been great to meet up with friends, old and new. Seeing people like Mike Chalmers, Jamie Hurd and Steff Ellis. It is also exciting to see old friends like John Risbridger. I’m loving hanging around with friends and catching up.


We are working as part of a team and leading some small groups. It is great to be partners in the gospel. Dave Gobbit reminded the team that we are partners and can do significant gospel work this week – really encouraging.


Bec’s parents are here. Steve is looking after the SASRA stand. It is good to spend some time with them.

Free Wi-Fi

Can you believe it?!
This means I can still follow Saint Beagle/Jonny and download Eastenders from the iPlayer – essential for my dear wife…

Fabulous Starbucks

Even better… We got here… We went to the coffee mecca… and fed our addiction.

Faithful preaching

The teaching has been great. I am very encouraged by 1 Corinthians (preached by Vaughan Roberts). It has good to be reminded that our confidence must be in the power of the gospel, shown in the weakness of the message of the cross. I’m really looking forward to more.

Ultimatelty, it is nice to spend time with Bec before the baby drops, and enjoy sitting in sermons before I have to worry about a crying baby.


3 thoughts on “NWA blogging 1

  1. Are these in order of priority? 😉

    I can’t believe Starbucks was so low down the list (but still higher than Faithful Preaching).

    And neither can I believe that they have internet in North Wales nevermind free Wi-Fi. (OK, I’m a gog so I can say that… )

  2. Actually, I think I should have put another ‘F’ at the top… ‘FRY UP’S’!

  3. wow i am officially a friend of Jonathan Thomas. I am so happy the employer employee relationship has bloomed

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