Responding to the recession #2

Use your money, don’t let your money use you.

This is a phrase that I have been using of late. I must have stolen it from somewhere, but can’t remember where.

Preaching through the Gospel of Luke has given  me plenty of time to look at money and possessions as Jesus seems to talk about them a lot. In essence His message seems to be the following:

-Money, itself, is not the issue

-But money can become a god (mammon)

-Therefore, use it for good

I wonder, what is your attitude to money and possessions? Are you letting mammon decide what you should do (hoard, be materialistic or consumerist)? Or are you using your money to gain friends that will welcome you into heaven (holistic mission)?

This is a sermon I gave on the subject:

Please note, there is a 40 second silence at the start.

One thought on “Responding to the recession #2

  1. Hey Jonathan, hope this finds you well. any chance i can get your email, doing some research for a seminar i’m leading next month at llanw and wanted to pick your brain. Ben

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