Goldfish communion

As I posted here, I preached on the Last Supper from the Gospel of Luke last Sunday. As is our format, we then discuss that passage in our mid week small groups (called Rooted). Yesterday I celebrated the communion with a group of mainly retired ladies. It was an absolute blessing. In fact, tears were rolling freely and I experienced a sense of real spiritual blessing.

The reason?


As Jesus commanded, we celebrate the communion to remember his sacrifice in the cross.

I have often said that Jesus gave us this because we are like goldfish – we have a 3 second memory. We continually forget the gospel of grace.


Yesterday we remembered three things as we all took turns to share the impact the gospel had on our lives:

1. Many shared that they still knew that they were sinners in need of a Saviour. That each day, they needed God’s grace, and they saw that clearly at the Cross.

2. A couple shared that the process of sitting and remembering gave them an opportunity to see the way God had answered prayer and kept them through many trials. Indeed, one saint was a living testimony to God’s gracious preservation.

3. After the wine we shared how a day was coming where we will no longer take communion, but would be at the heavenly banquet. A place with the no more suffering, sadness or sin. There was a tangible desire for that in the room.

That night I sat with another lady preparing to go home to the Father, and as she said, ‘The end has come‘, I was able to respond in light of the Cross ‘No, the beginning is about to come.

Without the communion, I would forget that.

I am like a goldfish, but not because I have a 3 second memory – indeed, it has been proven that fish can remember for longer than 3 seconds. They just need to be trained to do it. If you are scientific, you can look it up here.

This is what I think: We need to train ourselves to remember the gospel. Jesus has given us the communion to help us do that. So lets do it regularly and with a sense of purpose.


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