A personal ad by God

Sometimes I enjoy having a look at the personal ads. I know that sounds a bit odd, but it can be very funny.

Some of the funniest from history have been:

“Young farmer with 100 acres would be pleased to hear from young lady with tractor. Please send photograph of tractor.”

Advertisement in Evesham Admag, 1977.

“Minimalist seeks woman.”

One member of my church asked me what God would write. This is the answer I came up with:


I wonder, what do you think God would write?

3 thoughts on “A personal ad by God

  1. Just a guess – but I don’t think he’d write a personal ad.
    I think he’d write book upon book of stories and poems and letters – all about his promises. Telling us who we are and where we’re from and how he’s dealt with us according to his grace for millenia, how he’s kept giving himself to us in his promises, and how he loved us enough to send his Son to die for us so that one day we can be his beautiful bride and how he intends to get us ready for that day. so it’d be the most expensive personal ad. ever (in more ways that two)! just a guess.

    or if he wanted to save on time and money, maybe, “I promise. (see Bible for further details)” …

    (does this count as cheating?)

  2. Sometimes geth i don’t think you ‘get’ the rest of us. Then Charlotte reminds me that you’re ‘on to me’ and that I am actually the one being ‘played’.

    More to the point, I think He would write:

    “I Am” – Very cheap it would be too!

  3. i’m afraid i haven’t a clue what you’re on about – so maybe you’re right that I don’t “get” you (?)

    but i’m liking “I AM” 🙂

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