New look blog

This weekend I have started to change the look of my blog, and given it a lot more content. I’m hoping to blog more regularly (I did say hoping…) and want to use this site as a place to put a lot more ‘random thoughts’.

nicolas-ball-003There are a lot more pages now:

Music, books, devotions, etc. I’m also going to start putting my sermons up.

So, if your bored and fancy seeing how a pastor in Ammanford views stuff, check it out.

If not, go to my ‘blogs’ page and I’ll link you to some proper blogs that will be well worth your attention.

See you soon…

4 thoughts on “New look blog

  1. Video will be the little videos we do on Prognosis and in church. I’ll post the videos there once I figure out how… I’ve done it before but forgotten.
    Film will be films that appear in the cinema. They will generally be film reviews.

  2. So…if you manage to get some ProGnosis videos shown in cinemas…you could write some reviews of them!

    Loving the makeover Jon…and the blogs not bad either!

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