A free album

title_shareI love free Christians music, and download it as soon as I see it – and  I am very often gutted when I listen to it. But, there is a great album going for free at the moment.

And it is brilliant.

It is a collection of old hymns done in a pretty contemporary way – and most of the songs are with ‘permission of use’ which means you can play them in church guilt free.

Indeed, they have even done a great  new version of ‘In Christ Alone.’

The track listing is as follows:

Come Thou Fount
My Jesus I Love Thee
Nothing But the Blood
Solid Rock

And others…

You can download it here.


6 thoughts on “A free album

  1. Jonathan Thomas, whenever I am feeling cheap I wander onto your blog and am sure to find something for free

  2. Appreciate the songs mate, thanks for flagging the album up. Can’t get my head round that ‘Joy’ one though! My wife thinks it’s genius – but it’s a bit trippy for my liking. Reckon they’d love it at the Aber Conference though!!!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the album Mr Hankey- I also think the ‘joy’ song is a bit odd… but when she goes into ‘It is well with my soul’ it all makes sense.

    Hey Larry, glad you like the new lay out

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