A few first’s…

fair-trade-logoDid you know that my glorious home town of Ammanford was the first fair trade town in Wales?

Did you know that my amazing nation of Wales was the first fair trade nation in the world?!

Through out the Bible there is repeated teaching on the need for justice, loving our neighbour and being fair in trade. As Chrsitians I think we have a moral responsibility to use fairly traded products, I also think we have a spiritual responsibility to demonstrate the Kingdom by being the salt of earth and showing a different ethic.

So, what coffee do you drink and which banana’s do you eat?

I know I struggle with this… but should I make more of an effort? I think so.

Therefore, I have a plan to do my ‘bit’… and I am very excited about it!

im_a0033I am going to make a banana (fair trade) split the size of the local shopping arcade, and invite all the local youth to bring a spoon and tuck in.

It’ll be a great way to make a stand and show where we stand on these things.

I think it’ll be a blast!

Anyone want to come?


5 thoughts on “A few first’s…

  1. ‘Ammanford was the first fair trade town in Wales’… is this like every one who has ever played rugby for Wales is somehow ‘from’ Ammanford, and that people from Ammanford were the actual inventors of the wheel and the microchip, and the discoverers of Pi and the theory of relativity?

    …good. Just so we know.

    Anyway, sounds great. Would love to be there but alas…

  2. …and a last apparently. COme on Jonathan, this is why you don’t make it onto ‘blogs I read’ at saintbeagle.

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