Cutting Carson #1

This year I am working through ‘for the love of God, volume two’, and will endeavor to put some of Don’s most cutting (to the heart) comments.

Yesterday I noted that Calvin said that when the word is present, Satan is awakened.

Commenting on the reaction to Paul’s preaching in Acts 13 Don says:

‘As on other occasions, Paul’s preaching causes both a riot and a revival’

Application question: When was the last time either happened when we preached?

NB: a riot of pew warmers over your tie (or lack off) does not count.



5 thoughts on “Cutting Carson #1

  1. Reminds me of the brilliant anecdote from G. Whitefield’s life. He was preaching once and a man fell asleep, at which point Whitefield thundered at him saying, “Sir, if I had come in my own name well may you sleep. But I have come in the name of Almighty God and I will be heard” (or words to that effect). Not riot provoking, but how often does the preacher rip into a sleeping “listener”?

  2. I was in an RTSF conference a few years ago and in a Q&A, someone asked him how long it took to write a book.

    “It depends”, he explained, “with ‘For the Love of God’, for example, I was reading through the McCheyne plan anyway, so I just sat at my computer each morning and typed out my quiet-time thoughts. Twenty minutes writing a day, and at the end of the year, I had a book. I did it again the next year and I had Volume Two….”


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