Classic Calvin #1

2009 marks 400 years since the birth of John Calvin. In light of this there are loads of aids on the blogosphere to help us get to grips with his Institutes.
I am following the Reformation21 boys in reading through the great theological book through out the year… and to be completely honest… I am rather excited. The book is far easier and more encouraging than I thought (even if he does use some crazy language like ‘a deadly murderer of souls, the firebrand, ruin and destruction of the church’!).
So, through out this year I am going to give you classic quotes that I come across each week.

Today, from his opening letter to the King of France, a comment on why the true Christians are being persecute:

‘It is one of the characteristics of the divine word, that whenever it appears, Satan ceases to slumber and sleep.’

Here is my application question: is Satan actively at work in your church? If not, why not? CS009556


3 thoughts on “Classic Calvin #1

  1. Yup, I’m planning to get through the Institutes this year, too.

    Btw, do you know if it’s true that Calvin disciplined one of his church members because they were seen in town, ‘wasting time’? I do hope so…

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