Walking with Enoch. Part 3

aaThe key word in Hebrews 11 and the key word for Enoch was ‘Faith’. It was by faith that Enoch pleased God.

Read Hebrews 11:5-6

Think about it- he never saw Jesus but he believed – he was sure and certain of what he could not see and hoped for. He knew punishment was coming, but he knew that the serpent crusher was also coming.

The Serpent Satan had deceived the world. But one greater was coming, who God had promised – the holy remnant, the faithful, like Abel, we’re waiting.

Enoch remembered the story of how God had sacrificed an animal to clothe the rebellious Adam and Eve. He knew that sacrifice could be made. Atonement. AT ONE MENT.

Enoch knew that God was coming to the rescue and he had to trust in that.

We need to be rescued from our danger. We think we can save ourselves, but we cannot.

Imagine you break down on a desert track in Australia – what would you do? People waiting for a rescue and then leaving – in a desert – they die. You should always wait.

Enoch waited and trusted on God even though he didn’t know what it would exactly look like. That is amazing. That is what he is commended for.

A friend of mine broke down. She waited for AA, was not too panicky when they were late, because she had seen them come and help before. But imagine if she’d never seen the AA and didn’t know how hey would come and what they would do? She’d start to worry. ‘Am I waiting in the right place?’ ‘Do I need to do more?’ ‘Is it really coming?’ ‘Will they really be able to save me?’

We know how God has saved us – how He came to rescue us. We have historical and written evidence and many people around us who can share their story of being rescued. In fact, we have Jesus account of coming back through death to prove that there is eternal life.

Hebrews is saying – if he could have Faith – we can easily have faith. Look at how he trusted.


You see, we cannot make our selves right with God. We can’t impress Him enough so that He’ll zap us into heaven. No, there is nothing we can do to impress God. We can walk and talk all we want. Rather, we need to have faith in the fact that Jesus died on a cross to pay for our sins. Then, the proof of that trust is the walking and talking.

I could try and walk to safety from the desert in Australia– but I would die.

Are you trying to please God by your own good works?

Give up.

It’ll only end in death.


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