Walking with Enoch. Part 2

schmalbreitweg3All we know about Enoch at this point is that he walked with God. Yet the author to the Hebrews said that he ‘pleased God.’ These two are the same. To walk with God is to please God.

Read Genesis 5:21-24

The terms are interchangeable. The term there in Genesis 5, ‘walked’ is about obedience to the covenant. It’s the same as when God speaks to Abraham in chapter 17.

How do you walk with God?

What does that mean?

Well, it’s all about keeping the covenant commands. That is, living life the way God has designed it to be lived. With His morals, motivation and values.

But the key to walking in God’s way is to agree to do that. That is how it begins and finishes.

Amos 3:3 states that we must agree.

‘Do two walk together

Unless they have agreed to do so?’

To please God, to walk in His ways, means an agreement that God’s way is best and that what He wants is what I should want.

That is why Enoch please God – he agreed to walk on His path. And that is the best way to live.

Imagine going to Australia on a trekking holiday with a guide. If you travel with the guide and go where he wants to go you’ll see the best views and experience the most amazing things on offer in Australia. But sometimes you may think that where you are is best and not want to go on. You need to follow him.

I went to the pyramids in Cairo once – amazing! I loved looking at the big one. I could have stayed there all day, unless my friends Charlie and Bryony had taken me to the left and down to the Sphinx. I would have missed out unless I’d gone to walk in their ways.

Are you walking the walk? Are you following Jesus and His ways? Is your first thought what do I want to do? Or is it where does God want me to be?

He wants the best for us and He knows the best – we must follow Him.

Even when the path seems hard and painful, dark and distant – we must keep following – trusting in His ways.

Are you struggling to follow at the moment? You know what you should be doing, but you’re scared to do it. Trust Him, walk in His ways. Follow the example of Enoch.

So, Enoch walked the walk – his life stood out.

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