Great Christian Music (and some free downloads!)

sgm-brandingSovereign Grace Ministries have invested a lot in ‘worship development’ and a large chunk of that has been done by Bob Kauflin. I have blogged here about why I love their music.

Let me give you a bluffers guide to their music:

# If you only buy one SGM album


This was our first (from James and Lindsey) and it is the best. It has loads of modern classics like ‘I will glory in my redeemer’, and reworkings of great hymns like ‘A debtor to mercy alone’.

It is a contemporary album, but is accessible for most people.

#The latest SGM album


This was released alongside the WorshipGod conference and has some good examples of how to sing the Psalms in church today.

The musicianship is very good.

Get a free track here.

#The most uplifting and encouraging album

come-weary-saintsThis album is balm to the soul – a modern day, musical ‘bruised Reed’. If you are struggling or know someone who is – get this and put it on repeat.

This album will truly lift your eyes to the Saviour.

Get a free download of I have a shelter.

#Two of my other favorite albums


I love this album purely because it got me to start reading the valley of vision in my own devotions. It also has great songs like ‘how deep’ and ‘the precious blood’. But the highlight is probably their musical version of the opening valley of vision prayer ‘In the valley’ – absolutely beautiful.

lu1The NA band album

This is a bit more modern and applicable to younger people. It is surprisingly sparse in terms of production (as opposed to the usual SGM hyper-production values) and it is all the better for it. There is a great version of my favorite hymn ‘When I survey‘.

Get a free track ‘what a savior’

#A completely free album

A free album at the moment is ‘How sweet the sound from Covenant Life Church – you have to spread the word. This is just a simple album of old hymns played in a contemporary (but very sensitive) manner.

A great album to burn and give to your grandparents for Christmas!

If you want to understand their theology of music you should check out the amazing ‘worship matters’ by Bob Kauflin.


You can download a free PDF of some of the chapters here.

Hope you enjoy all the free stuff!


2 thoughts on “Great Christian Music (and some free downloads!)

  1. I know have said free album. Will listen this afternoon.

    I agree with regards the sparsity of NA, all the better for it. Psalms is by far and a way the best so far (that I’ve heard)

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